• Empower your school with the most advanced
    and comprehensive School Management
    and eLearning System.
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    School eConnect a dependable and flexible
    system that will help your school in

    Overcoming educational challenges

    Streamlining the day to day activities of school staff

    Ensuring maximum and consistent performance

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    Save time and concentrate on what is important

    Lighten your staff workloads

    Eliminate unnecessary paperwork

    Simplify monitoring process

School eConnect, The ideal method for organizing your school.

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School eConnect, the perfect method for communicating with parents and students

  • Provide parents with reliable updates on students' attendance and grades

  • Connect students to the school and their teachers

  • Notify all students with assigned homework, even absent ones

  • Communicate internally with the school staff easily through messaging

Monitor performance efficiently through real time reports

  • Monitor teachers through reports if they have any neglected activities like unmarked assignments or quizzes

  • Track students' performance and always be updated with their grades in all subjects

  • Correlate between the performances of different classes and analyze the findings.

  • View curriculum distribution and how far the teachers have progressed in the curriculum

Enhance the learning process and help students reach their full potential

  • Get instant access to learning material anywhere, anytime

  • Contact their teachers easily if they have any inquiries

  • View assignments online, know their requirements and deadlines and submit them the instant they are done.

  • Have access to tutorials, resources and external links that broaden the students’ knowledge and help them in their studies

School eConnect empowers all stakeholders

School Management

School Management

  • Track the performance of teachers and discover neglected activities in early stages.
  • Prepare accurate plans for development.
  • Monitor all activities (classes ,labs, quizzes ,etc…) that take place at school.
  • Easily correlate between the performances of different classes and analyze the findings.



  • Monitor performance and scores on daily basis and accurately track students’ attendance.
  • Guarantee the notification of assigned homework to absent students.
  • Eliminate errors and the time consumed in grades calculation.
  • Guarantee immediate delivery of results and comments to parents.



  • Never miss an assignment view them online and know their requirements and deadlines.
  • Easily check results, schedules and submit assignments online.
  • Contact teachers and school effortlessly.
  • View Class work activities and work sheets carried out in class and use them as reference for future use.



  • Be aware of your child’s behavior, attendance and academic performance.
  • Learn if your child is below or above the class average with a simple graph
  • Have prior knowledge about school events and holidays.
  • Communicate with the school easily .

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