Success Stories

Success Stories


  • "We at RAS recognized the devotion of Sumerge Team that exceeded our expectations. School eConnect gets everyone on the same page, facilitating communication with the school anytime of the day or night."

    Yasmine A. Soffar, RAS Project Manager
  • "School eConnect helps in the classroom to improve efficiency, record keeping and it has easy access for parents to monitor what their kids are doing in the classroom."

    Lakshana Hassan, English Teacher, Riada American School
  • "If I have an absent student, he is always informed about what is happening in school, he has his homework, class work even any sheet that we make in school he finds it as an attachment he can open it and work at home."

    Dina El Hadary, Assistant Principal, RAS Middle School
  • "With a simple click, I can just find the average of any student in any item whether quizzes, homework or class work so it helps me a lot in calculating the marks."

    Shahira Fikry, Math Teacher, RAS

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Al Riada American School


Riada School was established in 1993, it is one of the leading schools in Alexandria with more than a thousand students and 3 different divisions. Riada School focuses on the intellectual development of students, not only to help students get admitted to excellent universities, but also to assist them in being successful in their studies and their lives.


We communicated with parents in the traditional way through letters or notes sent with the students and parents used to visit the school many times to inquire about their children's academic performance.

Teachers used to calculate the average of 4 quarters at the end of each year which is used to take a lot of effort and caused errors as everything was done manually.

We had a large amount of paper documents and memos; we wanted all documents to be organized in one place and accessible.

"We at RAS recognized the devotion of Sumerge team that exceeded our expectations. School eConnect gets everyone on the same page, facilitating communication with the school anytime of the day or night."
- Yasmine A. Soffar, RAS Project Manager


School eConnect greatly facilitates the communication between the school, the parents and the students, it ensures transparency and visibility.

It dramatically decreases the amount of paper documents as everything is electronic; it also automates grades and average calculations.

It notifies the students if a deadline is approaching and notifies the parents if their child didn't attend an exam.

"We looked at other systems but they were complicated and hard to use but School eConnect is user friendly and the support is here in Egypt which is very convenient."
- Perihan Heikal, RAS Project Manager


Parents don't come to the school as often to ask about grades or attendance as they can find all this information at the comfort of their home.

Students are always connected to the school and School eConnect guarantees the notification of assigned homework to all students so in the case of absent students they are notified and they never miss an assignment.

It made report cards generation much easier than before, now the data entry is regular and the averages are calculated automatically avoiding any errors. All the material is organized, all grades and all kinds of data are available, and so if a teacher has a question about grades of this semester or any of the last semesters they can easily find the information they need.

School eConnect facilitated the process of monitoring teachers; the assignments they give, the class work, how far a teacher has progressed in the curriculum and if they have any missing activities like a missing quiz or ungraded assignment we inform them.

With School eConnect we feel that we have the whole big picture in front of our eyes.

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