eConnect Learn

School eConnect facilitates the learning process by enhancing the communication between teachers and students, like in automating the home work cycle starting from the teacher assigning the work through the students’ submission till the last stage where the students receive their grades.

School eConnect enables teachers to give pop up quizzes in the class where in the class where they can be answered and autocorrected immediately.

School eConnect facilitates long distance learning and self study through e-learning which is a self paced method that allows your students to take courses, answer questions and get the results instantly.

eConnect Communicate

School eConnect ensures transparency and visibility between all involved in the educational process including teachers, management, students and parents.

The communication between teachers and parents is greatly enhanced through messaging; teachers can report any disciplinary acts or comments directly to the parents without relying on student's delivery of any kind of notes or meeting requests.

Parents are aware of all activities taking place at school, they receive a reliable update on their child's attendance, behavior and academic performance.

eConnect Collaborate

School eConnect creates a perfect environment for pooling of resources, with features that give teachers the ability to share their knowledge. All the materials and questions are in one place for ease of access and this also helps decrease time spent on training new teachers.

School eConnect automatically generates score cards at the end of each semester, they are customized according to school needs and teachers don’t have to manually create them.

eConnect Monitor and Analyze

School eConnect gives you the ability to monitor closely the performance of both teachers and students.
Track the grades of students across the years in different subjects and monitor their attendance, it provides you with an overview of each teacher's performance, showing neglected grades for quizzes and assignments and it also shows how far a teacher has progressed in the curriculum.

Teachers' Performance Reports

Students' Performance Reports

eConnect Plan

At the beginning of each year you have the ability to design the curriculum map; you decide the material that will be given each semester and how much time will be assigned to each chapter in every subject.
It gives you the freedom of course definition where you can assign a certain percentage to each part of the grade.
It gives you the ability to schedule classes and choose the room type (lab, class room…) and divide students to be assigned to certain groups.

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